Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hah tgk tu comel giler serigala ni...ekceli itu adalah fren yang cakap serigala...hmm maybe ada masalah mata...
This is not my first blog actually...tapi oleh kerana nak buka lembaran baru dalam hidup ni aku pun amik keputusan utk again create BLOG..ahakss...
LOKASI: uum sintok...
lepak sana masa ikut akak sehousemate aku g umah akak dier...Madam Alisha~sporting tutor~


I prefer simple life...xtually i am not too fussy about this kind of long as i satisfy with sumthin its more than happy with it..
long journey that i experience...from kedah to kuantan...i believe that now im independence enough to face things around me..Luv to indulge wit sumthin opportunity hobbies really make me feel crazy.
From origami to other hobby and so on...Luv to tease peep. I luv my family very teachers...not to forget my dearest friend...the best roommate that i ever met.They simply make me feel like we already being friend for long time.the truth is not like what i expected.

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