Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tangkap Cintan dengan Customer

Before aku mulakan keja keja menyiapkan resume mintak keja buad my brader i layan dulu lagu jiwang di pagi hari...morning person katakan sekarang ni.
I feel something happen in my life after the incident.dunno how to describe the feelin.nak ckp sesuatu pun kind of jadi slow motion giler.almost all the time i questioned my self.aku ni ok ke x.haaa.opkos i risaukan diri seniri n i try to be good to myself n all the people around me as usual.for my colleague opkos they owez ask about of em questioned me napa xpna tgk FIZA marah eh...
haa as customer service i have to control my emotion.
treat people nicely n give em advice.its not dat easy to cooperate with people with different background n opkos in dealing with their behaviour.keep calming n stay cool.
Previously im kind of cepat panas gaklah...tapi as the time goes by i started to realize that nothing i could achieve with anger.hav to overcome this.ya i do.

On the other hand good manners.owez smile.
i ever experienced dealing wit crazy customers.oh my oh my...
at first she just OK to me
the conversation took abt half an hour.i got lot n load of works to settle.
when she started to laugh...oh no...
i suddenly realize thats shes crazy.i just layankan ja.
if i ignored her she will call me again n again.i just dengau her problem
but then shes good in PR.
perhaps she got good edu background who knows.=)

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